Military Divorce & Family Law

Military Divorce & Family Law

Military Divorce Attorney

While the basics of military family law issues do not differ much from civilian ones, they often require an in-depth understanding of military rules and procedures to navigate successfully. The Law Office of Steven Medearis has more than a decade of experience helping military service members and their families with a variety of family law concerns. We regularly represent noncommissioned personnel and officers stationed at Camp Pendleton or the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar as well as those in the Army Reserves.
We also assist those who are stationed outside of California with family law concerns in the North San Diego area, utilizing e-mail, courier services and other postal options such as FedEx to maintain communication with them.
"We offer a military discount and reduced hourly rates for service members or their spouses for all family-related issues."

Facing Unique Challenges in Military Divorce

Military divorce cases differ from civil cases in a few ways. Spouses often do not have much real property, such as a house, to divide because military families move often. However, because of this mobility, determining equitable child custody can be more complex than in a regular divorce.
Our military divorce attorney understands the reality of your situation. He works with you and your spouse to structure a fair settlement that works best for your family's needs. If necessary, he can help you obtain a custody modification if you are restationed elsewhere in California, outside of the state or even out of the country. Whatever your situation, our legal team works efficiently to help you protect your individual interests and your rights.

Protecting Your Rights and Career Against Domestic Violence Charges

A conviction for domestic violence not only puts a black mark on your record — it can end your military career. Even having a restraining order placed against you can be grounds for being court-martialed or for receiving a dishonorable discharge.
The military will not wait to investigate if it learns of your alleged offense — neither will we. If you have been accused of domestic violence, we are ready to work swiftly, analyzing any and all evidence in your case to ensure the opposition proves its case beyond a reasonable doubt. If necessary, our lawyer will defend your rights and interests before both civil and military courts.

Know Your Rights 

We have the experience to help you handle a variety of military family law concerns. To schedule a free consultation with our Vista Military Law Attorney, contact us online or by calling toll free.
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