Domestic Violence & Harassment

Domestic Violence & Harrasment

A Serious Attorney for Serious Cases

California courts take allegations of domestic violence or civil harassment very seriously. Determining the truth of such accusation can be both time-consuming and complex. Whether you have been falsely accused or you are a victim of domestic abuse, it pays to know your rights.
Like California courts, we at the Law Office of Steven Medearis take domestic violence cases seriously. We equally help those who have been accused as well as those who need assistance obtaining a restraining order for their safety. Whatever your situation, our legal team brings more than a decade of experience to helping you understand and protect your interests.
"Under recently passed laws, local courts will often require live testimony from witnesses in domestic violence cases. Our firm stays up to date with how these legal changes affect our clients' cases, and we adjust our representation to achieve the best possible outcomes."

Restraining Order Attorney for Victims Throughout North San Diego

If you or your children have been the victims of domestic violence, we will help you obtain safety through a restraining order, which will prevent your aggressive spouse or partner from having contact with you or your children. You don't need to be a victim. We will help you take advantage of your rights to protect your safety.

Aggressive Representation Against Domestic Violence Allegations

A restraining order can prevent you from returning home, visiting or seeing your children, owning a weapon or serving in the military, among other consequences. Therefore, if you have a restraining order placed against you, we get right to work investigating the evidence to ensure the opposition proves its case beyond a reasonable doubt. We explore every defense to protect your rights.
If you are in the military, even the accusation of domestic abuse itself may be enough to be court-martialed or dishonorably discharged. We work quickly to protect not only your rights but also your career. If necessary, our lawyer can represent you in both civil and military courts.

Know Your Rights 

Domestic violence accusations are often very complicated puzzles with very serious outcomes. Know your rights, and contact us online or by us today for a free consultation with our experienced Vista domestic violence attorney.
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